The “Why I Did It Answer”

So I’ve decided to journal my attempt to lose almost 100 pounds. Right now I am 5’7″, 220lbs, 34.5 BMI. All of this places me in an obese category which is where I do not want to be. I’ve tried to diet in the past but end up frustrated and heart broken. But truth be told I am doing this for me, but also because I do not want to be that girl anymore.

Last night i had an amazing night with a great guy, we fool around and this morning as we are talking he let’s it slip that I am definetly not his prefered body types, he usually goes for the tiny girls. Kind of stings truth be told and i am not expecting him to call me, which again is sad but not uncommon. He’s not the first to say that either. I know how to have a good time but no girl wants to hear that the person they were just with isn’t really interested in the size person they are. 

So after that experience I have decided that I am going to loss the weight and get down to between 140 and 150 pounds. Crossing my fingers that this works.